Why do we enjoy slow food?

Have you ever questioned if slow food is all it is cracked up to be? We aim to demonstrate that it is. Here we talk about what is a slow food philosophy for us and why we believe it makes our food special?

Carrot fritter & chargrilled tofu

When we began building el gran sueño we had not put much thought into what we would offer as food. In the final weeks of the preparation of our bed & breakfast we were faced with trying to come up with a food philosophy that would suit the style of hotel we had created. We are in Asturias, a beautiful place that still has a thriving culture for home grown food. We knew we should take advantage of this.

We created our first menus using local meats and fruit and vegetables from local shops in Infiesto. We were struggling to find organic produce and we had set our hearts on being as organic as possible. In our first month of trading we found a local guy through Facebook who had a wonderful vegetable garden. He had just gained his European certificate as a certified organic farm. This was great. We started immediately with new menus using only local seasonal organic fruits and vegetables.

In November a new shop opened 20 minutes from our house. Ye Bio was something of a revolution in these parts. It is a mini supermarket, a family business run by Juan and his wife Marta. This was a turning point for the el gran sueño´s kitchen. From this day forward we were able to offer everything organic.

We plan our menus around what is seasonal and we buy from Ye Bio all that we can which is farmed locally. As a result, the ingredients we use are super fresh and of the highest organic quality. It is a real pleasure to have such a great resource so close to the bed and breakfast.

Our slow food philosophy began to bloom, as we focused more and more on what food we really wanted to create. Food was fast becoming part and parcel of the el gran sueño experience for our guests. We had never dreamt that the food would be so successful, playing such an important part in our product. Guest feedback was speaking load and clear that what we were offering was not only good, it was great.

We now make everything ourselves. Baking bread daily has become a habit. Fresh cakes, desserts and biscuits, all made with organic ingredients, just taste fantastic. Our cakes and many of our desserts are made using only vegetables as fats, not only a revolutionary way of cooking, but a guilt free way of enjoying amazing home baking.

In the last 12 months we have begun specialising in vegetarian and vegan food. Organic meat is available, but it is not always local. Vegetarian and vegan food means we can create dishes that are super tasty and super “slow”. We have found it is a great way to introduce new food experiences to our guests.

We believe in our responsibility as an establishment to reduce our impact on the environment. We know that reducing the amount of meat and dairy product we use is essential to do that. Weekly we have at least one day where we only offer vegetarian dishes. Not only does this bring vegetarian food to the tables of people that would not normally choose to eat vegetarian, but it allows us to spread the word of this trend. The results can only be positive for our environment.