Veggie and Vegan Nights, Why all the fuss?

Here at el gran sueño we are passionate about reducing our impact on the environment and take this responsibility seriously. It is not all about using renewable energy and recycling waste, although both these things are imperative. But in our kitchen too we take strides to think conscientiously about our consumption and its consequence for the environment.

meat free monday

In 2009 Paul McCartney and his family set-up a non-profit campaign to raise awareness of the environmental impact of meat production and encourage people to dedicate just one day a week to a meat free diet. The theory is that in doing so, they would not only be improving their health, but reduce their impact on the environment through the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Javier and I started following this campaign back in 2009, introduced to it by our dear friend and web designer Nick Turner. We were shocked to learn that a massive near 15% of greenhouse gases are produced by livestock we felt then as we do now, going meat free for just one day is easy and we know that the more people that are introduced to the idea, the better it is for everyone. More importantly, the better it is for our planet.

When we opened el gran sueño we wanted to contribute to the campaign by introducing its concepts to our guests. At first we were nervous not knowing how people would take to a vegetarian or vegan menu. We ran a trial one night, we had 6 guests in for dinner and no time to get to the fish mongers. So I decided the only option was to go vegan. That evening we put on carrot fritters and chargrilled tofu with mustard and honey dressing. Nut loaf, with sweet potato chips with roasted red pepper sauce and for dessert a cashew nut cream cheese cake. Not only was the feedback positive, it was phenomenal. We decided 1 day a week this would be our menu and we´ve not had one complaint.