The “Save Our Hórreos Fund”

Many of the hórreos in Asturias are in danger of colapse from neglect. Part of our commitment to the local community is to help maintain these beautiful, historic buildings. As customers, and shoppers, you too are helping to protect them.

hórreo at sunrise

Hórreos are traditional granaries found in northern Spain, in particular in Asturias. These buildings are constructed from chestnut wood. Historically they were held together by their sheer weight and design, there were no nails or screws used in their original construction. 

Piloña has one of the largest collections of hórreos in Asturias. However, even though they are a valuable part of the Asturian cultural heritage, the numbers are under threat. In our hamlet there are four hórreos which are probably nearly 300 years old, and in dire need of careful and professional restoration. This kind of restoration is expensive. At the moment, the local government, nor the Principado de Asturias Government, offers any help towards their restoration. Often the hórreos are owned jointly by the village community, generally pensioners and the up-keep of these beautiful landmarks is practically impossible.

The el gran sueño store is our opportunity to make our favourite products, gift cards and merchandise available to everyone. Whilst shopping with el gran sueño you can be proud of your support and contribution to our good cause. Each and every purchase made through our shop will contribute to our “Save Our Hórreos Fund”.

In 2014/2015 we raised nearly 1000€ through our little shop. This money was used to repair part of the roof and give a general clean-up, removing moss and repairing some rotten beams. We would like to wish a big THANK YOU! to each and every one of our customers that purchased in our shop. You helped save this landmark for another few years.