Road Trip 10: Gijón

Driving time / km:

approximately 1 h 48 mins / 103 km


  • El gran sueño - Laboral City of Culture: 42 mins / 44.3 km (AS-255 - A-8)
  • Laboral City of Culture - Parking El Espigón Fomento Playa: 15 mins / 6.2 km
  • Parking El Espigón Fomento Playa - el gran sueño: 49 mins / 53 km

If you park in the underground car park of Fomento, when leaving by the c / Rodríguez Sampedro, you go towards the marina (Puerto Deportivo) and Cimadevilla, which used to be the fishing quarter. The Palacio de Revillagigedo, Museo Casa Natal de Jovellanos and the Termas Romanas de Campo Valdés are all in this part of town.

ESCULTURA GIJÓN Las Letronas - Juan Jareño

From here you can go up to the Santa Catalina promontory to enjoy great views of the city and the Cantabrian Sea, framed by Chillida´s sculpture Elogio del Horizonte. You go down the opposite side of the promontory, towards Saint Peter’s Church and the Playa de San Lorenzo.

From this end of the beach you can enter the Plaza Mayor, with the town hall building, and return to the marina area. Alternative, if you go under the central arch on our left, we are in San Bernardo Street, which goes to the Plaza del Instituto and then to the Plaza de los Campinos and the Paseo de Begoña.

If instead of walking along the San Bernardo Street, you take the parallel to the right calle de la Merced, you are in the “gijonés soho". In this street and in the surrounding streets (c/ San Antonio, c/ Instituto, c/ Cabrales) you will find numerous interesting independent shops.

From Begoña, passing in front of the Jovellanos Theatre, and down c/ Fernández Vallín, you get to ​​the main shopping streets of Gijón, the pedestrian c/ Corrida and the parallel c/ Los Moros.

Corrida Street takes us back to the Jardines de la Reina, in the marina, near where you parked.

Bars and terraces for aperatiff:

  • Ocean Terrace (Espigón Central del Puerto Deportivo, next to the Tourist Office)
  • Terrace of the Restaurant Auga (Puerto Deportivo, in the main building of the Puerto Deportivo)
  • In the Barrio del Carmen ares there are many wine bars, popular at the vermouth time (13:00 to 15:00) and then in the evening (from 19:00). Our favourite is La Sastrería (c/ Numa Guilhou 3)

Recommended restaurants:

  • Restaurante V Crespo (c/ Periodista Adeflor 3, between Plaza de Europa and Paseo de Begoña)
  • Sidrería La Galana (Plaza Mayor 10) - cider bar and restaurant
  • Ciudadela (c / Capua 7)


  • Café Dindurra - a classic from Gijón in the Paseo de Begoña, next to the Jovellanos Theatre
  • El Cafetón (Plazuela de San Miguel)
  • Blu Café (c/ Pedro Duro)


  • El Círculo (c/ Marqués de San Esteban 11, opened from 5:00 p.m.)
  • El Moderne Bar & Champagne (c/ Marqués de San Esteban 27)
  • El Arca de Noé (c/ Escultor Sebastián Miranda 1) - in Cimadevilla