Road Trip 09: Avilés and Peñas Cape

Driving time / km:

approximately 1 h 40 mins / 99.3 km


  • El gran sueño - Parking Plaza de España: 54 mins / 67 km (N-634 - A-64 - A-66 - A-8)
  • Avilés - Cabo Peñas: 27 mins / 19.3 km (AS-328)
  • Cabo Peñas - Luanco: 13 mins / 10.2 km (GO-1)
  • Luanco - el gran sueño: 58 mins / 68 km (AS-118 - AS-19 - A-8 - AS-1 - A-64 - N-634 - AS-258)

We recommend parking in the underground Plaza de España car park. This square, presided by the building of the town hall, is in the heart of Avilés. The futuristic Niemeyer Centre is only 500m (7 mins) away. It was designed by the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. Then, we cross the Parque del Muelle and go up the Calle de la Estación to Plaza del Carbayo, in the old Sabugo fishing district. We return to the area of ​​the Plaza de España down the street Bances Candamo, Plaza de la Merced and commercial c/ de la Cámara.

Niemeyer Centre: Cultural centre in Avilés

At the beginning of the c/ Cámara, on the left, is the municipal market, in the middle of a rectangular square and surrounded by buildings with galleries. Other commercial streets of Avilés are José Cueto, La Fruta, San Bernardo and Fernández Balsera.

Once back in the Plaza de España take a tour of San Francisco Street, Galiana Street, Carbayedo Square and Ferrera Park.

From Avilés you can go to Cabo de Peñas and enjoy stunning views of the Asturian coastline from its northernmost point.

Then you can visit Luanco, another of the typical Asturian fishing villages, where we can take a pleasant walk by the sea, from the Church of Santa María.

Recommended restaurants:

  • Restaurante Yume (c / Estación 27, in the area of ​​Sabugo)
  • Casa Tataguyo (Plaza de Carbayedo Square 6) - a classic, where it is essential to try the longaniza de Avilés with potatoes
  • Ronda 14 Restaurant (c/ Alfonso VII 20) - modern cuisine with Japanese and Peruvian influences


  • Meeting Point (c / Alfonso VII 1-3)