Road Trip 08: Oviedo

Driving time / km:

approximately 1 h 40 mins / 99.3 km


  • el gran sueño - Parking El Vasco: 40 mins / 46.2 km (N-634 - A-64)
  • Parking El Vasco - Pre-Romanesque churches of Oviedo: 12 mins / 4.3 km
  • Pre-Romanesque churches of Oviedo - el gran sueño: 45 mins / 48.8 km

Alternative car park:

Parking Buenavista, c/ Guillermo Estrada. If you are interested in modern architecture and we recommend you to see the spectacular building designed by Santiago Calatrava, just abouve the car park. From here there is a pleasant 10-minute walk to Plaza de la Escandalera, crossing Plaza de América and San Francisco Park.


If you park at El Vasco, we recommend leaving the underground carpark by the c/ Jovellanos exit. The historic patisserie Camilo de Blas, well known for its carbayones, is at no. 7. You continue walking to the Plaza de la Escandalera, located between the historic centre and the commercial centre (Uría street and the surround streets). This plaza is considered the very centre of Oviedo, with the Campoamor Theatre, the main shopping street of Uría, the San Francisco Park and the buildings of the Principality of Asturias Parliament. In the square is the sculpture La Maternidad by Fernando Botero.

Go up San Francisco street and you will enter the Casco Viejo or old town. Confitería Rialto, where the famous Moscovitas are made, is at Number 12. On the left you have the Plaza de Porlier, with a sculpture by Eduardo Úrculo. In the background we have the Cathedral of San Salvador, in the Plaza de Alfonso II El Casto. Surrounding the cathedral on the right, you arrive at the Corrada del Obispo and the Plaza del Padre Feijoo. Continue circling it until you return to the main façade of the cathedral.

Cross the square diagonally and take La Rua street, with the Museum of Fine Arts at the beginning on the left. Continue straight on and, just before the arch with a clock, turn left onto street the Los Huevos (Eggs Street) to see the charming Plaza de Trascorrales with the old fish market and the sculpture of La Lechera (the milkmaid). Go around the market building and through the passage under a blue building, which will take you to the Plaza de la Constitución, presided by the Town Hall. Cross the square diagonally towards the Church of San Isidoro El Real and enter the area of the Market and the Plaza del Fontán. Spend some time visiting the lively food market and the surrounding streets before you return to the Plaza de la Constitución. From here you go down the Peso Street to the Plaza de Riego, with the University building to your left. Go inside and admire its cloister. Take the exit to San Francisco street.

In Monte Naranco, 3 km from the centre of Oviedo, there are the Pre-Romanesque churches of Santa María del Naranco and San Miguel de Lillo. They are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Monuments of Oviedo and the Kingdom of Asturias. Park outside the Reception Center.

Recommended restaurants:

  • Casa Ramón, Plaza del Fontán - tavern with traditional Asturian cuisine
  • Sidrería Gato Negro, in Trascorrales Square
  • Casa Fermín - a very prestigious restaurant in c / San Francisco 8
  • Ca 'Suso, c / Marqués de Gastanaga 10 (near El Fontán)
  • Mestura, at the Gran Hotel España, c / Jovellanos 2 (junsto in front of the El Vasco car park)


  • Prida, c / Fierro 25, at Fontán
  • Casa González Suárez, c / Ramón y Cajal 8
  • La Paloma, c/ Independencia 3 - a classic bar for vermouth near Uría street
  • Per Sé, Corrada del Obispo - for the evening