Road Trip 07: Redes Natural Park

Duration in time / km:

Approximately 2 h 35 mins / 116 km


  • el gran sueño - Tanes: 1 h / 38.2 km (N-634 - AS-254 - AS-117)
  • Tanes - Soto de Agües: 13 mins / 11 km (AS-264)
  • Soto de Agües - Ladines: 8 mins / 3.6 km (SC-2)
  • Ladines - MUMI: 30 mins / 26 km (SC-2 - AS-117)
  • MUMI - el gran sueño: 38 mins / 37.3 km (AS-17 - AS-119 - N-634 - AS-258)

This road trip explores the Redes Natural Park, classified by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve. It is characterised by its limestone mountains, beech forests and pastures. The fauna is typical of the Cantabrian Mountains (capercaillie, chamois, wild boar, deer). The highest peak is La Rapaína (2,019 m). The visitor center is in Campo de Caso, in the same place as the tourist office. Depending on your preference, you can visit typical rural villages like Soto de Agües and Ladines, do country walks or visit a mining museum.

Parque de redes Asturias

To go to the Redes Natural Park, drive into Infiesto and take the AS-254, which is the first road on your right, immediately after crossing the river. Continue along this road for about 45 mins / 25km, until after Bueres, where you take the AS-117 on the right. After Rioseco, just when you reach the reservoir, take the SC-2 to the left, which takes you to Soto de Agües and Ladines. Along the edge of the reservoir there are several points for bird watching.

In Soto de Agües there is a 16th century bridge. This village is the beginning of the most popular route of the Redes Natural Park. It is the Ruta del Alba (PR-AS 62 - 4 h 40 min / 14km round trip), which, with a low level of difficulty, runs through the limestone gorge of the Alba River passing by rapids, waterfalls and riverbank forest.

Ladines is another pretty village with typical rural architecture. There is a church with a very old yew tree in its grounds, great views of the mountain and a 1.3km walk to the Molín del Ponticu. The hiking route PR-AS 63 passes through Ladines. We recommend the section to the Collados of Imblenes and La Mezquita (4 h / 10.2km round trip).

You return to el gran sueño through the mining valleys. Thus, you will see the contrast between the green landscape and the mining towns. If you have time, you can visit the Museum of Mining and Industry of Asturias in Langreo, which includes a guided visit into a mine.

Extra alternative visits:

  • Caleao (12 mins / 8km from the AS-117): A beautiful village where you can take the hiking route of the Arrudos (PR-AS61 - 8 h / 22km round trip).
  • Bezanes: another beautiful village with typical rural, Asturian architecture. There is another walking route from here, Brañagallones (PR-AS 66 - 6 h / 20.6km round trip).
  • Museo de la Madera (Museum of Wood, Campo de Caso) and Casa Juanín (Pendones)

Recommended restaurants:

  • Casa Juanín, Pendones
  • La Encruceyada, Caleao - traditional cuisine, specialty in pig trotters
  • El Merendero de Anzó, Anzó