Road Trip 04: Cabrales and Bulnes (Picos de Europa I)

Driving time / km:

Approximately 2 h 35 mins / 142 km (3h 16 mins / 165 km to Sotres)


  • el gran sueño - Arenas de Cabrales/Les Arenes: 66 mins / 65 km (N-634 - N-625 - AS-114)
  • Arenas de Cabrales/Les Arenes - Poncebos: 10 mins / 6 km (AS-264)
  • Poncebos - Cangas de Onís: 42 mins / 36 km
  • Cangas de Onís - el gran sueño: 35 mins / 35 km

This is one of our 2 road trips that go into the Asturian side of the Picos de Europa, the first national park created in Spain in 1918, and the largest limestone formation in Atlantic Europe, with numerous peaks exceeding 2000m. You can see the mythical summit of Naranjo de Bulnes (2519m), as well as lakes, rivers, caves, gorges, without forgetting its fauna and flora. In the Picos de Europa, two of the four Asturian cheeses with Protected Designation of Origin (DOP), Cabrales and Gamonéu, are made.

Ruta de Cares

Arenas de Cabrales gives its name to the most famous blue cheese in Spain. Cheese lovers can visit the Cueva del Queso de Cabrales and its exhibition.

In Poncebos you can park the car and take the funicular to Bulnes. There is a small parking lot next to the funicular. If it is full you will have to leave the car along the road. To go up to Bulnes another option is to make the 3.2 km walk. It takes approximately 2h 30 mins. From Bulnes there are several paths you can take. Another option from Poncebos is the famous Ruta del Cares. The total round trip to Caín (already in the province of Leon) and back is 24 km and 7-8h. In Caín there are several bars and restaurants.

On the way back to el gran sueño, if we have time, you can stop at Cangas de Onís to see its Roman Bridge and have a drink in La Sifonería. We recommend parking in the parking lot next to the Bus Station.

Extra alternative visits:

  • Sotres (20 mins / 11 kms from Poncebos on the CA-1 road): numerous mountain tours depart from here

Recommended restaurants: