Road Trip 03: Llanes and Ribadesella

Driving time / km:

Approximately 2 h 20 mins / 138 km


  • El gran sueño - Llanes: 60 mins / 64 km (N-634 - A-8)
  • Llanes - Ribadesella: 25 mins / 29 km
  • Ribadesella - el gran sueño: 45 mins / 45 km (by the Mirador del Fito are 1h15mins / 58 km)

This road trip along the eastern coast of Asturias will take you to two of the most popular and beautiful seaside towns in the region, Llanes and Ribadesella. You will be able to discover impressive beaches, estuaries, cliffs and even blowholes, without losing sight of the impressive mountains, always in the background. In this tour we will find numerous colonial houses (casas de indianos) built by those who migrated to the Americas in the 19th and 20th centuries. In the restaurants and cider houses (sidrerías) of the area we will be able to taste the excellent fish and seafood from the Cantábrico Sea.

Ribadesella seafront

In Llanes we recommend walking through its charming old town, with the Basilica of Santa María del Conceyu, the fishing port, with the Cubos de la Memoria, along the Calle Mayor and the San Pedro walk-view.

From Llanes to Ribadesella you can take by the AS-263, from which it is easy to deviate to see some of the beaches (Torimbia, Cuevas de Mar or Gulpiyuri) or the blowholes at Pría. Along here we love the church of Nuestra Señora de los Dolores, outside Barro, by the estuary.

In Ribadesella we recommend you visit its two parts. The lively port area and, on the other side of the river, the beautiful Santa Marina beach. On the edge of the town is the Tito Bustillo Cave (UNESCO World Heritage Site), which can be visited but must be booked in advance, as to protect the paintings, only 15 visitors are allowed on each guided tour.

Extra alternative visits:

  • Bufones de Pría (+18 mins +5 km round trip): blowholes in the rock through which the sea roars and sometimes releases jets of seawater.
  • Playa de Torimbia (18mins +7 km round trip): for many, this is the most beautiful beach in Asturias and even in Spain.
  • Cuevas (+28 mins +12 km round trip): this small village, 6 km from Ribadesella, is reached through a cave.
  • Mirador del Fito: if it is a clear day, from Ribadesella we can return to el gran sueño by the AS-260 road and at this viewpoint, contemplate the impressive views of the coast and the Asturian mountains (Ribadesella to el gran sueño along the AS-260 takes approximately 1h15mins).

Recommended restaurants:

  • El Bálamu, Llanes
  • Casa Poli, Puertas de Vidiago - Llanes
  • Restaurante Castru el gaiteru, Celorio - Llanes
  • El retiro, Pancar - Llanes
  • Arbidel, Ribadesella
  • Sidrería El Campanu, Ribadesella
  • Restaurante Quince nudos, Ribadesella
  • Restaurante La Huertona, Ribadesella
  • Güeyu mar - Vega, Ribadesella