Road Trip 01: Piloña and El Sueve Region

Driving time / km:

approximately 3h / 103 km

This road trip covers the 3 municipalities of our Comarca del Sueve (Piloña, Parres and Caravia). In one single trip you will explore the coast and the countryside (mountains and valleys) of this unspoilt part of Asturias. You will be able to see examples of its traditional heritage. We mention 3 walking routes, each taking up to 7 hours, so if you are into hiking, you may wish to break up this road trip into several excursions.


Espinaredo River

Espinaredo River

El gran sueño - Monte Cayón: 4,5 km / 15 mins
First we take the AS-258 road towards Infiesto. After ½km, turn left onto the PI-9 road to Cadanes. In Cadanes take the second right hand road (between a white building on your right and a derelict barn on your left). This narrow road that takes you up to the to the recreational area of ​​Monte Cayón. From here there are stunning views of the entire council of Piloña and much of eastern Asturias.
Monte Cayón - Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Cave: 6.7 km / 18 mins
Turn back on yourself from the recreation ground and follow the track about 550m. Take the second road on the right lined with beautiful trees. This meats at t t-junction of the PI-7, turn right and follow the road to Infiesto. In Infiesto, just after crossing the river, turn right on AS-254 towards Campo de Caso. Continuing for 1 km you see the turnoff to the right to the Santuario de la Virgen de la Cueva. Here, in addition to the sanctuary, there is a beautiful walk by the river.
Virgen de la cueva Infiesto

Virgen de la cueva Infiesto

Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Cave - Infiesto: 1.3 km / 5 mins
Take the same road back to Infiesto, the capital of Piloña. Our favourite places are Calle del Queso (pedestrian behind the Town Hall), the old wash-station (in the Triana neighbourhood, across the river), the Álvarez-Nava Wine Merchant, the Casa del Tiempo watch museum (a private collection that explores the history of watchmaking) and the Exhibition on the 13 of the Sidrón, an archeological discovery of great importance that spreads light on Neanderthal Man.
Infiesto historic wash station

Infiesto historic wash station

Infiesto - Espinaredo: 6.6 km / 12 mins
Leave Infiesto in the direction of Santander and, before reaching the N-634, Take a right turn on the PI-4 on to Espinaredo. In Espinaredo you should take a tour of this this typical Asturian village which has an exceptional collection  of granaries (Horreos) and the larger Paneras.


Espinaredo - La Pesanca: 5 km / 10 mins
Continuing along the PI-4 you reach the recreational area of ​​La Pesanca on the banks of the Infierno River and surrounded by leafy oak and chestnut forests. From here starts a hiking trail, PR-AS 289 to Picu Vizcares. The complete route follows the same path there and back and takes a total of 7 hours. We recommend doing at least the first kilometre or two of it to enjoy and appreciate the nature that surrounds this woodland track.
El Fito Lookout point

El Fito Lookout point

La Pesanca - Mirador del Fito: 39 km / 50 mins
Returning along the same road you reach the outskirts of Infiesto, turn left and join the N-634 towards Arriondas / Santander. In Arriondas, take the AS-260 to the left and follow this road to El Mirador del Fito, from here, on a clear day, you can see breathtaking views of much of Asturias, the coast, valleys and mountains. From this starting point there are two further walking routs, The PR-AS 247 is an 8.5Km route Playa de Vega on the coast and the PR-AS 71 which is a 12Km hike to Pienzu Peak.
Walking route PR-AS 71 to Pico Pienzu.

Walking route PR-AS 71 to Pico Pienzu.

Mirador del Fito - Arenal de Morís: 9.8 km / 20 mins
We head down the AS-260 to the coast. Our favourite beach here is the Arenal de Morís. From this beach we can simply contemplate the coast or take a walk along the path that goes to Vega Beach (to the east) or to La Espasa Beach (to the west).
Picu Vizcare

Picu Vizcare, Dave Caroline and Carson

Arenal de Morís - El gran sueño: 30 km / 50 mins
Take the N-632 to Colunga and join the AS-258 back to el gran sueño.
Recommended restaurants:
El Rincón, Espinaredo (Piloña)
La Posada de Antrialgo, in Antrialgo (Piloña)
Casa Pedro, in San Juan (Parres)
El Corral del Indianu, by José Antonio Campoviejo with a Michelin star, in the centre of Arriondas (Parres)
Casa Marcial, Nacho Manzano's restaurant with two Michelin stars, in La Salgar (Parres)