Restaurants we recommend

Here we have compiled a list of our top 5 favourite restaurants. The list also includes our favourite, most local dining options.

Bur before that, some tips for those who are not so familiar with the Spanish etiquette:

1 - The main meal of the day in Spain is lunch. It is usually served between 13:30 and 15:30. Do not turn to a restaurant before 13:30, unless your booking is for a time ealier than that. Specially for the British, Spanish time is one hour later than it should be, so you are actually having your lunch at 12:30.

2 - In Spain, dinner at home is normally something light (a salad, an omelet, jamón, cheese... many times just a piece of fruit and a yoghurt!). This is why dinner time in Spain is late. Outside the months of July and August, it may be challenging (but not impossible) to find a restaurant that opens for dinner Sunday to Thursday. Restaurants are normally open for dinner between 21:00 and 23:00. In Asturias, it might be challenging (and impossible) to find a restaurant that opens for dinner before 21:00. And remember, 21:00 is actually 20:00 ;-) 

3 - Spanish people like sharing food, and this is what we recommend - sharing plates - specially in traditional bars and sidrerías, where portions are normally large and are called raciones (large tapas). In most os these place, the waiter will tell you if you are ordering too much, but sometiemes they don´t, so be careful how much you order. As a rule, we normally order one ración to share between 2 as a starter and one ración to share between 2 as a main. If you are still hungry after that, you can order more.

4. If you are sharing raciones with Spanish people, do not pile things on your plate when you are helping yourself to the food in the middle, just take what you are going to eat, bit by bit. So, for instance, if you are eating croquetas, take (and eat) one at a time, do not pile your portion of 3 croquetas on your plate.

4. To enjoy the Spanish culture, and avoid frustration, don´t try to change the normal times Spanish people do things. Just adapt yourselves to the culture, relax and enjoy it, after all you are on holiday. And remember... 9am is actually 8am, 13:30pm is actually 12:30pm, and 21:00 is actually 20:00 ;-)

Although we do our best to make sure that the information on our website is up-to-date and correct, the opening times we provide should be considered a guide. Opening times may vary from season to season and occasionally restaurants may change their opening times without giving notice. If you are interested in going to a particular restaurant on a particular day, please let us known, and we will be happy to check with the restaurant directly and make the reservation for you.

Local restaurants

Nearby restaurants

These are the places we go to when we don´t feel like cooking nor driving far.

El Estanco / L'Estanku

New eatery in Infiesto with an original menu of raciones. Opens for lunch Monday to Saturday and dinners on Fridays and Saturdays. From July 1st, dinners Tuesday to Saturday.

+34 622 812 838 (Rafa)
c/ El Quesu (just behind the Town Hall in a pedestrian street)
Infiesto (Piloña) - 7.9 km / 12 mins from El gran sueño
Taxi return trip - € 20

Llantares de Pelayo - Piloña

Cider house (sidrería) with an extensive menu of the day ("menú del día") for lunch and tapas / raciones menu for dinner (from 8pm). Outside sitting available. Closed on Wednesdays.

+34 984 182 368 (Marleni)
c/ Covadonga, 41
Infiesto (Piloña) - 8.2 km / 13 mins from El gran sueño
Taxi return trip - € 20


Unpretentious cider house (sidrería) in Triana, the other side of the river. Their speciality is the "chipirones angulados" (squid in its own ink sauce). Closed on Mondays for dinner and Tuesdays.

+34 985 711 068 (Yoli)
c/ León y Oscura, 5
Infiesto (Piloña) - 7.4 km / 10 mins from El gran sueño
Taxi return trip - € 20

Los Caños

No frills restaurant in Triana, the other side of the river. Time travel back into the 90s. The menu has traditional local dishes and cachopos (Asturian cordon bleu). It opens on Mondays! Closed on Thursdays. 

+34 985 710 856
c/ León y Oscura 9
Infiesto (Piloña) - 7.5 km / 12 mins from El gran sueño
Taxi return trip - € 20

La Bolera

Village bar serving traditional homemade food. Nothing fancy. To get there take the AS-258 to Colunga. It has recently changed owners. Closed on Tuesdays.

+34 985 710 360 / +34 605 649 944
Capareda s/n
Anayo (Piloña) - 6 km / 12 mins from El gran sueño

Casa Colo

Traditional Asturian restaurant with beautiful views in a pretty village. Their menu is full of typical local dishes. The 'guisantes con jamón" (peas with ham) are a great choice. It opens only for lunch. Closed on Mondays.

+34 985 704 016
Ceceda (Nava) - 10 km / 13 mins from El gran sueño

Bar El Llanu

Traditional homemade food: croquetas, calamares, cachopo, Asturian rice pudding. Beautiful views. We recomment booking. It opens from 12 till 23. Closed on Mondays.

+34 985 056 971 / +34 663 326 584
Fresno (Cabranes) - 14 km / 17 mins from El gran sueño

El Rincón de Espinareu

Traditional homemade food. We recommend combining this bar-restaurant with a walk in the village of Espinaredo or even in the nearby La Pesanca. They open for lunch (13:00-17:00) and dinner (20:00-21:30). Closed on Mondays. Booking is essential.

+34 676 652 001 / +34 697 508 024
Lugar Sotu 11
Espinaredo (Piloña) - 14 km / 20 mins from El gran sueño


Our favourite "special" restaurants

These are our top 5 restaurants. When we have friends and family visiting, or when we are celebrating a birthday or anniversary, these are the restaurants we go to.

Güeyu Mar

By the Playa de Vega, Güeyu Mar is a proper culinary treat for seafood lovers. It is essential to book in advance, especially in the summer.

+34 985 860 863
Playa de Vega 84 (Ribadesella) - 48,5 km / 55 mins from El gran sueño

El Corral del Indianu

Tastefully decorated restaurant right in the centre of Arriondas. Both tasting menus (85€ - 99€) have wonderful creations by self-taught chef José Antonio Campoviejo. If you prefer, you can enjoy a lighter meal from the limited "a la carte" menu and still receive the Michelin star service. Don´t forget to tell Yolanda (maître d') and/or José Antonio (chef) you are staying with us. You can book online.

+34 985 841 072
Arriondas (Parres) - 28 km / 30 mins from El gran sueño

El Molín de Mingo

Booking is ESSENTIAL in this restaurant situated at the end of a country lane, between Arriondas and Ribadesella. Their specialities are the 'croquetas' and the 'arroz con pitu caleya’. Opens: Thursday-Sundays all year round, Wednesdays-Sundays in July. Tuesdays-Sundays in August. Only lunches (2PM - 7PM). They do a short menu and a long menu (42€-45€ per person plus drinks). Do not access the restaurant from Cangas de Onís, but from Peruyes along the N-634.

+34 985 922 263
Peruyes (Cangas de Onís) - 39 km / 45 mins

La Huertona

Restaurant with excellent produce and simple preparation. Local fish from Ribadesella and Llanes. They also have a tasting menu. Average price per person is 50 - 70 € plus drinks. Closes on Tuesdays. Dinners only on Fridays and Saturdays.

+34 985 860 553
Ribadesella - 41.2 km / 48 mins