Restaurants we recommend

Asturias is regarded as having some of the best food in Spain. Here we have compiled a list of our very favourite restaurants, starting with the best of the best, restaurants honoured with Michelin stars. The list also includes our favourite, most local dining options.

Tip 1: Lunch is the main meal of the day in Spain and it is served between 13:30 and 15:30. Dinner is served between 21:00 and 23:00.

Tip 2: As lunch is the main meal of the day and, as we are in a rural area, it may be challenging to find a restaurant open for dinner ouside the month of August, especially during the week.

Local restaurants

Our favourite restaurants


Casa Marcial

Boasting 2 Michelin stars, Casa Marcial is a proper culinary treat. They offer only two different tasting menus, and we recommend to take the wine pairing option. The taste sensations are out of this world.

+34 985 840 991
La Salgar (Parres) - 33 km / 35 mins

El Corral del Indianu

Great location in the centre of Arriondas. Tastefully decorated, it has wonderful choices on the menu. You can enjoy a lighter meal here and still receive the Michelin star service. A la carte menu and tasting menu.

+34 985 841 072
Arriondas (Parres) - 28 km / 30 mins

El Molín de Mingo

Booking is essential in this restaurant situated some way up a country lane, nestled amongst the mountains surrounding Cangas de Onís. Their speciality is the 'arroz con pitu caleya’ (rice with free range chicken).

+34 985 922 263
Peruyes (Cangas de Onís) - 39 km / 45 mins

El Barrigón de Bertín

An understated restaurant with a menu offering some of the best food around. The menu of the day is great value and if you eat a la carte, try the crab soup. Closed on Tuesdays. 

+34 985 850 445
Lastres (Colunga) - 26 km / 45 mins

La Huertona

Restaurant with excellent produce and simple preparation. Local fish from Ribadesella and Llanes. They also have a tasting menu. Average price per person is 50 - 70 € plus drinks.

+34 985 860 553
Ribadesella - 41.2 km / 48 mins

Nearby restaurants

La Bolera

Village bar serving traditional homemade food. To get there take the AS-258 to Colunga. It has recently changed owners. Closed on Tuesdays.

+34 985 710 360 / +34 605 649 944
Capareda s/n
Anayo (Piloña) - 6 km / 12 mins from el gran sueño

Sidrería Oscar

Unpretentious cider house in Triana, the other side of the river. Their speciality is the "chipirones angulados" (squid in its own ink sauce). Closed on Monday evenings and Tuesdays.

+34 985 711 068
c/ León y Oscura, 5
Infiesto (Piloña) - 7.4 km / 10 mins from el gran sueño
Taxi - 19€ return trip

El Furacu

Wine, beer and tapas bar. It is small so booking ahead is recommended. It has seating outside. Kitchen opens everyday during high season but only on Fridays and Saturdays the rest of the year.

+34 984 395 994
c/ El Quesu, 4
Infiesto (Piloña) - 7.5 km / 10 mins from el gran sueño
Taxi - 19€ return trip

La Posada de Barro

Cheap and cheerful restaurant tucked behind the town hall, in the oldest part of Infiesto. The menu has traditional local dishes. Raciones are big enough to share and this is a good budget option. 

+34 985 711 728
Calle el Quesu 9, Infiesto (Piloña) - 8 km / 12 mins

Casa Colo

Traditional Asturian restaurant in a pretty village. Their menu is full of typical local dishes. The 'Guisantes con jamón" (peas with ham) are a great choice. Closed on Mondays. Dinners only on Fridays, Saturdays and the evening before holidays, except in the summer.

+34 985 704 016
Ceceda (Nava) - 10 km / 13 mins

Restaurante La Posada de Antrialgo

Asturian food with a modern twist. Vegetarian and vegan menu options available. It opens for lunch only. Closed on Mondays (in winter they also close on Tuesdays and Wednesdays). Booking is essential.

+34 985 707 314
Antrialgo (Piloña) - 9.5 km / 20 mins

Restaurante Rosales

Village bar with a small dining room upstairs. Traditional homemade food. Suffed onions, "verdinas" (green dry beans) with ham and cod. Closed on Thursdays.

+34 985 710 853
Barrio El Mecín, s/n
Valle (Piloña) - 12.6 km / 17 mins de el gran sueño