Our commitment to sustainable tourism

What does sustainable tourism mean to us? What have we implemented to improve our sustainability? What does sustainable tourism mean for our customers?

Ceres Ecotur.es

Our commitment to sustainable tourism started in our build process. We built our dream business and implemented systems to ensure that the continued running of el gran sueño would be respectful to the environment.

80% of the energy required for our heating and hot water is gained via our ground source heat pump. Through recycling, reusing and composting, we are able to freely say that we produce only a few kilos of waste each month. We employ a management strategy to continually seek new ways to improve our sustainability. 

Being sustainable requires a commitment to our community. Our hotel business is reliant on local shops and farmers. A massive 98% of our budget for food and consumables gets spent locally. Asturias reared organic meat and dairy product is a challenge to find, however, around 65% of our food budget is spent on organic produce, of which the majority is grown within a few miles of our bed and breakfast. We are constantly seeking new Asturian suppliers for home grown organic products. If you know of a supplier, please contact us.

Part of our sustainable tourism strategy includes getting our name out there and being recognised for our commitment. Work this winter 2015 has paid off. In February we received our certification from Ceres Ecotur and Turismo ResponsableCeres Ecotur is a Spanish project under the wing of the European Centre for Ecological and Agricultural Tourism (ECEAT). It is dedicated to the promotion of ecotourism and ecogastronomy. Turismo Responsable is committed to promoting ethical tourism that does not expose animals to maltreatment. We are also featured on Ecotur website, a major stepping stone for the eco-tourism of el gran sueño.

What does all this mean for our customers? These accreditations, certifications and commitment to sustainability and ecotourism mean that each guest can sleep easy in the knowledge that their stay with el gran sueño is an eco-friendly and sustainable one. Moreover, they know that the food they are served is not only created with love, but has travelled less, the fruit and vegetables are free from additives, pesticides and other nasties and our organic breakfast, is exactly what it says on the tin, 100% homemade and organic. 

Moving forward we are constantly looking for new ways to save energy and improve our sustainability. Our 5-year plan includes the development of our own vegetable garden and an investment in new renewable energy sources. If you are interested in talking to us about a new renewable energy source that we may wish to implement, we´d be happy to talk to you. Please contact us directly.

You may read our environmental policy statement generated by Green Hotels & Responsible Tourism Iniative.