Looking for professionals

When you start a project like el gran sueño asking questions is the foundation to the whole process. In the very beginning we met with the head of Asturian tourism to find out what he thought of our idea to create something different, he loved it! 

Busy Bee Asturias - Looking for professionals

Our offer on the house was accepted at Christmas, not completing until mid April. These 14 weeks were not wasted. We used the time to learn about property development. The challenges ranged from a linguistic crash course in building technology vocabulary, to an introduction to renewable energy options, their respective technologies, advantages and disadvantages. It was a great opportunity to learn something new and kept our minds occupied during the buying process.

We were fast to learn that the project would have to extend beyond the scope of a traditional house renovation. We want to be respectful to our building, and at the same time we knew we must meet a demand for privacy, comfort and modern technology in our guesthouse. We are striving to create something different. We set our targets high and this is not an easy equation to solve.

Calling upon the expertise from those that had experience of self build and renovations, we interviewed, in one manner or another, pretty much everyone we encountered between Christmas and April: builders, plumbers, heating engineers, architects, electricians, neighbours, friends and family.

We set about looking for a team who understood our philosophy of maintaining as much of the original character of our property in a respectful renovation project. We wanted to feel chemistry within our relationships and recognise mutual understanding of the challenges that we would face. Oh yes, and we want to finish by Christmas and be open for Easter 2014!