Local walk 9: Mikki´s Walk - 2 hours (10 km)

Named Mikki's walk after one of our clients, who first mapped the route. This walk is ideal for those who want to stick to asphalt tracks. It is suitable even for trainers. The route can be enjoyed in either direction. The views of the El Sueve and Picos de Europa mountains are particularly stunning if you start by heading uphill to Viyao.

  • Distance: 10.54 km
  • Time: 2 hour 30 minutes
  • Climb: 421 metres
  • Shoe type: traniners or walking shoes
  • Surface: asphalt
  • Type: circular
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Views of the Picos

Views of the Picos

Circular route - El gran sueño, Viyao, Borines, Vallobal, Cadanes, El gran sueño

Starting by leaving the hamlet via the road alongside the El gran sueño carpark, the route passes the bus stop at the end of the road and then heads uphill the AS-258 to another hamlet called Viyao.

When you reach a recently refurbished house with a big window on your left you will cross the road and take a narrower road that winds down past farm buildings and through woods until you reach the lowest point. You pass over a stream (el río Borines) turning right and following the road AS-259 to a crossroads, go straight on bearing right towards Vallobal.

Passing through Vallobal you will see some impressive "casonas de indianos". When you have one impressive house either-side of you you will see a right hand turn with Pintueles signposted as 5 km. Take this road and head for Cadanes. On route you will pass another hamlet called El Mortorio.

When you reach Cadanes you will arrive at a cross roads where you can only go left or right. Take the right turn and head past the church, turning left and leaving the village for your final leg of the walk. After 1 KM you will see in front of you the old school. house of Pintueles. This is now a youth hostal. Cross the road and take the path to the left of the hostal. After 50 metres or so the path turns left, then right and you will see an old chapel belonging to the Palacio de Santo Domingo. There is a triangle of grass in the middle of the cross roads. Head straight up with the chapel on your right. You are very nearly home.

Passing the Palacio de Santo Domingo on your right, an horrreo on your left and a short row of houses you will bear right and see the plaza of El Caspio hamlet and El gran sueño. You are home! 



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Walk 9 Wikiloc QR Code

Local walk 9: Mikki´s Walk - 2 hours (10Km)