Local Walk 8: Pintueles Circuit (clockwise) - 45 minutes

This is the clockwise version of the first walk that we mapped out when we got Carson in 2014 and since then it is probably our most used route. It is short enough to do before breakfast or pre-dinner and is mostly dry, so good all year round. Some prefer this version as the uphill climb through the woods between Busllería and La Roza is more comfortable for some than doing this stretch downhill.

  • Distance: 4.34 km
  • Time: 38 minutes
  • Climb: 63 metres
  • Shoe type: walking shoes 
  • Surface: woodland path and asphalt
  • Type: circular

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Pintueles Church of San Cristobal

This circuit starts by leaving the plaza of El Caspio opposite el gran sueño. There is a small road that passes through the lower part of the hamlet. Take the road and follow it down to a small chapel on your left and a triangle of small roads. Take a right and follow the road down the hill bearing left. The road takes a steep dip and turns left. continue on the road, passing a farmhouse on your left, then it bends to the right and goes straight on until you reach the Church of San Cristobal.

At the church continue on the path and join the asphalt road. The road bends to the left and in 100 meters you come to a signpost with a sharp right turn, downhill towards Busllería. It is about 700 meters to Busllería. When you reach the hamlet keep the houses to your left and head straight uphill. At the last house on your left there is an entrance to the woods. Take the path and turn immediately left. 

In 100 meters the path forks straight on and right. Take the right fork and continue uphill for 200 meters after which you will emerge from the woods but still on a grassy path and an uphill climb. Follow the path for another 200 meters. You will see La Roza on your left. A large walled garden followed by a grand set of farmhouse buildings. As you pass the entrance to the house you will finish on the grass path and find yourself on the road. Take a right turn and follow this road.

Follow this road for another 1.5km until you reach another road on your left that is signposted Brecín. Just opposite this turning, there is a grass path that goes into the woods. Take this path and enter the woods. The path turns to the right and slightly downhill. After about 150 meters you reach a crossroads of paths. Take the lefthand path and follow it uphill. At the top of the short hill, the path bends to the left. Keep straight on for another 100 meters and you will emerge from the woods in the Plaza del Caspio with el gran sueño in front of you.