Local Walk 5: Ridge Pass (short) - 1 hour

One of our favourite walks, especially in spring. The map says it is 1 hour of walking, but you can easily take an hour and a half to do this 5 and a half kilometre walk. The scenery is simply stunning as you cross meadows and weave through forests and woods.

  • Distance: 5.49 km
  • Time: 1 hour
  • Climb: 224 metres
  • Shoe type: walking shoes
  • Surface: asphalt, farm tracks and woods
  • Type: circular

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Asturian Eucalyptus Forest

This is a shorter version of Local Walk 2: Eucalyptus Forest (extended) - 1 hour 40 minutes. The route starts in the plaza of El Caspio and enters the woods opposite the house. Follow the well-trodden path through the woods heading straight on at the first crossroads of footpaths and then turn right turn before you emerge on the road, in front of the turning taking you up to Brecín. In the upper lefthand corner of the hamlet, walk between the two hórreos, take the path between the two houses and head uphill into the woods. When you reach the woods, turn left and keep heading uphill. After 1 km you will reach La Formiga. Pass behind the house and continue uphill, following the road to the right.

After 400 metres you will see the asphalt track turns off to the right. In front of you, there is a farm track heading slightly downhill. Take this path. 100 metres later the path splits. Take the left-hand path and cross the ridge. There are lovely views of valleys to the south and north at this point. Keep walking and you enter the eucalyptus forest.  

300 metres into the forest the farm track meets an asphalt track. Take a right turn and head downhill, still in the eucalyptus forest. The steep hill carries on for 600 metres until you emerge on a narrow road. Take a left turn. In 300 metres you will come to La Roza, a grand farmhouse with an equally grand stone walled garden. To the left of the buildings, there is an entrance to the farm and a grass track to the left of the walled garden. Take this track through the woods and follow it, downhill for 400 metres. You will emerge in Busllería, a small hamlet. There is an asphalt track to the left of the houses which heads downhill. Take this track. 

In 700 metres you will come to a fork in the road. Take a left following a sign to San Cristóbal's Church. You will have seen the church as you followed the road form Busllería. Continue on the track past the church and keep walking straight on. You will pass a farmhouse on the right and follow the road to the left. After about 100 metres the road takes a sharp right and a few metres later there is a very sharp left. Take this track and follow it for 100 metres. Here there is a crossroads fo farm tracks and footpaths. You want the footpath on the right that goes up into the woods. It is a relatively steep climb. After 100 metres there is a T-junction of footpaths. Take the right-hand path and you will emerge from the woods where you started the walk, in Plaza del Caspio.