Local Walk 4: El Arbeyal - 2 hours 25 minutes

Rising to the edge of the valley through the woods between Brecín and La Formiga, the route circles Pico Viyao (the mountain directly to the right of our garden). Here there are spectacular views over the valley towards the Picos de Europa. It continues along an asphalt track through a eucalyptus forest and more woods down to the hamlet of Busllería. Closing the circle back to el gran sueño you pass the church of Pintueles surrounded by grazing cattle in pastures.

  • Distance: 9.54 km
  • Time: 2 hours 22 minutes
  • Climb: 245 metres
  • Shoe type: decent walking shoes
  • Surface: forest, clay and asphalt
  • Type: circular
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Views from Pico Viyao

The route starts in the plaza of El Caspio and enters the woods opposite our guest house. Following the well-trodden path through the woods, you emerge on the road in front of the turning taking you up to Brecín. In the upper lefthand corner of the hamlet, take the woodland path and start the uphill leg of the walk. When you reach the woods, turn left and keep heading uphill. After 1 km you will reach La Formiga.

Take the road behind the house and continue to climb the hill. After 300 metres you will come to a sharp righthand turn in the road. Take the turn and continue uphill. 200 metres later you will pass a small animal enclosure on your left. Just after this, there is a dirt track to the right. This 2 km track leads all the way round Pico Viyao. From the southern side, you will see breathtaking views of the Picos de Europa and can even spot el gran sueño approximately 200 metres below you. Continue on this dirt track until you reach the asphalt road. Take a right and continue along this road.

In 700 metres you reach a fork in the road. At this point take the left turn. You will be heading downhill. Continue on this asphalt road for another 2 km and you will enter a eucalyptus forest. The asphalt road continues down a steep hill for 1 km until you reach a T-junction at the bottom. Take a lefthand turn on the road.

There is a slight hill climb for 300 metres on the road until you reach La Roza, a grand farmhouse with a walled garden. Turn right, off the road, and walk along the grass track with the walled garden on your right.

The track continues through the woods for 400 metres until you emerge at the bottom in Busllería, a tiny hamlet with a handful of houses. The walk continues on the asphalt track, keeping the houses on your right and walking downhill.

From Busllería to the church of San Cristóbal in Pintueles there are 800 metres. After 600 metres you will come to a T-junction. You can see the church to your left and in front of you. Take the left turn and continue past the church and along the lane. You will pass a farmhouse on your right and the lane continues to the left. Keep walking for another 100 metres and the road takes a sharp turn to the right and up a steep, but short hill. Half-way up you come to a triangle in the road. With the chapel belonging to the manor house in front of you. Take the left-hand turn and you are on the final leg. 

Walking along the lane you will pass the manor house on your right, a granary on your left and a row of farm buildings and small houses. As you pass the last house the road takes a righthand turn up a small hill at the top of which you will see el gran sueño.