House hunting in Asturias

We arrived in 2012 with a dream. We love house hunting, what an adventure. So many houses, so many prospects. Only one would deliver what it would take to build el gran sueño.

House hunting in Asturias

Tell anyone that you are looking for a house in Spain and the first reaction is fuel-injected enthusiasm, followed by something like “with the housing market the way it is, you should get yourself a bargain”.

The news reports that Spain has a supply surplus of houses and demand is at all time low. In such circumstances, economics dictate a drop in price. We saw ourselves in an advantageous position. As we surfed the Net we assumed a sale price 30% below the asking price. What the law of economics does not consider is the pride the people of Spain attach to the value of their houses.

This side to the Spanish culture opened our eyes to the difference in the market for special rural houses and the abundance of redundant new apartments across the country. El gran sueño’s building will be a piece of history that has already had one proud owner!

It was a great challenge. We saw more than 50 houses in total you can see some of the pictures on our Facebook page. We set our standards high. The property had to be both the perfect home for us and offer right balance of location, touristic interest and business potential, and the price would have to reflect market conditions. It was not easy to find something that met these ambitious demands.

We were determined to remain positive throughout our search. Some of the properties we saw were so dilapidated it brought tears to our eyes. Others were simply priced too high to meet our budget. However, we remained focused on our principles and we eventually found the right place. 

It will take about 12 weeks to buy the house. We are 9 weeks into the process.  We are using our time wisely. We have begun to search for a team of professionals to help: architects, builders, plumbers, electricians and craftsmen.