Gazpacho is a summer favorite here at el gran sueño. It makes refreshing prestarter, starter or just a little something to keep you going on a hot summers day.

el gran sueño gazpacho


  • 1Kg fresh, ripe tomatoes
  • half a green pepper (about 70 grams, seeds and white removed)
  • About 70g of cucumber, semi pealed
  • 100g good quality extra virgin olive oil
  • 25g Sherry vinegar
  • 1 tsp unrefined sea salt


Wash all your fruit and vegetables well and chop into pieces.

Put everything, except the oil and vinegar into a good quality blender and blitz until fine and smooth, I usually blend for about 4 minutes on full speed.

Add the oil, vinegar and salt and blend well again. Not full speed this time, but make sure it is well blended.

Strain the gazpacho through a Chinois conical strainer or simular fine mesh strainer to remove any pips.

Put about 100ml of water into the blender and blitz to clean the blender, poor this through the chinois to clean that too.

Mix well and put into bottles in the fridge. Leave for 2-3 hours to cool.

Keeps int he fridge for 2-3 days.

Tools for the job

  • Good quality blender or food processor.
  • Chinois conical strainer or simular fine mesh strainer
  • Empty bottles to store

Top Tips

  • Use organic ingredients, it will tase so much better
  • Blend well, if its not super smooth blend some more, it can't be too smooth
  • If you need it straight away add a couple of ice cubes and blend those in. Alternatively put what you need into a cocktail shaker with some ice cubes and shake it madly, that will cool it in an instant. 
1kg of deliciously ripe plumb tomatoes

Gazpacho is a summer classic. This is NOT cold tomato soup! If anything it is a is blended tomato salad, it is amazing on a hot summer's day. Refreshing, healthy and above all else absolutely delicious.

Just 6 ingredientes for wonderful gazpacho