The destination

Where is the best place to open a b&b in Spain? we had no idea, but we knew the part of Spain that we loved the most. Asturias!

Rural pathway

The idea was set, but where would be the best place for us to build our hotel? Brighton is a vibrant city that offers tourists an abundance of attractions and probably a great place to run a hotel. However, El gran sueño is not just about a successful hotel business.

Our principles of sustainability, resourcefulness and commitment to the environment and future generations, all had to be taken into account. For this, we needed space and space in England was simply too expensive. Spain, however, has an abundance of space. Javier is Spanish and it seemed like an obvious choice, but where in Spain would suit the styling of the El gran sueño idealism?

We knew Spain. We had travelled it extensively, from the tourist havens of the Mediterranean coast, the Balearic and Canary Islands, to central Spain, Madrid, Barcelona or Galicia, all of which have their individual charm, but for El gran sueño the answer was in our hearts all the time: Asturias, the Green Coast, a haven of natural beauty, where our dream of a semi-sustainable lifestyle would be well suited.

Asturias is home to Javier’s family. It is one of our favorite places in Spain. It does not suffer the harsh, hot summers of the south or central Spain. In fact, for many Spaniards living in these regions, the cooler climate in Asturias is a haven for the summer months.

The Northern Route of the Way of St James or Camino de Santiago runs right through Asturias and for some, the hiking, cycling and walking opportunities are its greatest attractions. For others, the food is reputed to be some of the best in Spain, and many consider the Green Coast to be the most beautiful coastline Spain has to offer.

For El gran sueño, Asturias offers an abundance of old buildings crying out for rehabilitation. An opportunity to own a piece of this green and tranquil land sealed in the deal. We decided to sell up in Brighton, give up our careers, emigrate to Spain and buy a house in Asturias. This is where our adventure will really begin.