Creating memories

When we conjured up the idea of running a bed and breakfast in Asturias we really only thought of the lifestyle we would be creating for ourselves. We were going to be giving up the nine-to-five and living our dream in the Asturian countryside. Thinking back that was a rather selfish approach. We soon came to realise that to create something really special we had to create it for our customers, not for us.

Roe Deer el gran sueño

In 2012, before embarking on our project took a very memorable trip to visit friends Taiwan. We spent many hours chatting over our ideas, usually over a sumptuous feast of vegan delights in the back of a Taiwanese street food outlet or over a barbecue on the beach with a few cold beers. The result of these ¨tiresome¨ meetings was that we needed to design our place with a particular customer in mind and design something that customer would love. Customer X was created.

We designed the rooms, decoration, fixtures, fittings and feel of the website continuously referring to the bowing needs of Customer X. The result is the unique bed and breakfast which we have today. However, at this point, we had no idea beyond the physical presence of the b&b and website what we were really creating. We thought we were just making a special experience for Customer X.

Much later, when we started chatting with our real customers to our delight they all had something in common with Customer X, however, we also discovered something new. The revelation was that we were creating something much more long-lasting that staying the night in the special place that Customer X and likeminded people would love to stay in. We were creating long-lasting memories for those people, something we’d not perceived as being on the wish list for Customer X. We’d negated to realise that customer X even had a long-term memory let alone how important that would be in the overall experience at the el gran sueño bed & breakfast. These memories we were creating would last a lifetime, and to date we have created hundreds, nearing thousands of them.

By paying attention to all the little details of design, comfort and quality food we were not just making el gran sueño a comfortable beautiful place to stay, the consequence of all this hard work were helping to forge perfect memories by making every moment something special, moreover unique. The photographic mountain scenes, the sunrise or morning fog from a bedroom window rising through the valley, the songs of the birds and perhaps the sighting of a hunting tawny owl at night, the country walks right from the doorstep and the rural escape from city life. All these details create that very special, unique experience for each and every customer. The accumulative of these special moments is a lasting memory.How naïve we were to think we were only changing our lifestyle, and how proud we are of the feedback from our overwhelmingly positive reviews. We are grateful that we recognised how important each stay is to our customers and equally proud that we get to play a part in that unique lifelong gift of a special memory to take away after your stay at el gran sueño.