The beginning of the dream

El gran sueño is the name of our project and was born from our desire for a career change.

Oak tree

We both had successful careers in the vibrant city of Brighton, where we met in 2003, but wanted to create something personal, to start a business that will be ours, part of us, built on own experience, influences, specialities and aspirations.

First and foremost, El gran sueño will have to work as a successful business. To run our own business we are sure that we will have to be interested in what we are doing. The result will not be the same if it is purely functional and it has to be something that we are proud to share with other people.

Principally, we want to create something different: something modest but creative, sophisticated yet sustainable. El gran sueño will be influenced by our own experiences in travel and our belief that an eye for detail and a commitment to quality is essential in hospitality. Furthermore, the project will recognise that we have a responsibility to protect the environment for future generations. From these principals, the concept of our hotel, El gran sueño, was born.

El gran sueño will not only be 'the big dream' for us, but, like the translation from Spanish, it will be 'the big sleep' for our clients. El gran sueño will be a small hotel or guesthouse that will offer its clients a place to relax and realise a well-earned break from their busy lives in an environment that has been carefully planned and articulated.

Followers of our blog will witness El gran sueño transform from a dream into a reality and have the opportunity to influence our decisions and progress through feedback and suggestions.