5 rainy day options

If you are wondering what to do on a rainy day in Asturias, here is a list of our favorite rainy day options.

rainy days

Clock Museum  - La Casa del Tiempo, Infiesto

Infiesto is a small town, however, it is the proud host of a fascinating clock museum. The museum houses some fine examples of clocks and watches through the ages, some dating back hundreds of years. This is Infiesto´s hidden gem and well worth a visit, if only to bump into the very enthusiastic Pedro, who runs it.

Jurassic Museum  - Museo del Jurásico de Asturias, Colunga

Known as the MUJA, this museum sits near the beach “Playa de La Griega”, home of fossilised dinosaur footprints. There is a good exposition that demonstrates the rich Jurassic history in Asturias. This is a great museum, which is not just for kids.

Cider Brewery Tour  - Sidra Cortina Bodega-Llagar, Villaviciosa

Sidra Cortina brewery is just 30 minutes from el gran sueño and offers 45 minute guided visits for just 2€! They give you a voucher for a bottle of cider, which you can use if you eat in their restaurante-sidrería Casa Cortina. It opens Tuesdays and Thursdays offseason and Mondays to Saturdays in August. If you want to learn more about the history of Asturian cider, there is also the Cider Museum in Nava.

Fernando Alonso Collection  - Museo Fernando Alonso, Oviedo

40 minutes drive from el gran sueño, this museum gives visitors a fantastic insight into the life of Fernando Alonso, his motoring career and the world of Formula 1 racing. This is a must for any enthusiast and a fantastic day out in rainy weather.

Mining and Industry Museum  - Museo de la Minería y de la Industria de Asturias, El Entrego

Known as MUMI, this museum pays tribute to Asturias´s mining history. Asturias is one of the few provinces in Spain that had an industrial revolution and the carbon industry played a particularly important part in that. The museum includes a trip down into a mine and explains the rich history of the mining industry of Asturias.