2 hour Circular Walk via La Formiga y Monte Pico Viyao

This is a circular walk that takes you to the best viewing points around el gran sueño on a lovely 8.5KM trek

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Views from Pico Viyao

Starting from our front door crossing the woods and along the road past Carbayón. A steep climb leads up to La Formiga where the views across the valley are spectacular. Climbing up further there is a good path that circles Pico Viyao. On the return, you cross meadows and come downhill via the eucalyptus forest. Joining the road there is a gentle hill to La Roza, through the woods down to Busllería and following the road the Pintueles San Cristobal Church. The final leg leads along a farm track and up through the El Caspiu woods and back to our plaza.