1 Hour circular route - The Pintueles circuit

A circular walk of about 50-60 minutes from el gran sueño through woods and meadows.

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Starting in the woods at the back of El Caspio and passing up through the hamlet of Brecín, this woodland trail leads up to La Formiga, where you will see impressive views of the eastern half of Asturias, including the Picos de Europa, the Parque Natural de Ponga, the Parque Natural de Redes, Peñamayor, even as far as the Sierra del Aramo in Oviedo. From La Formiga, a country road leads down to La Roza, where there is a beautiful Asturian house. Taking another woodland trail and heading down hill, you exit the woods at Busllería, a semi-abandoned hamlet. A winding path leads through the meadows and up to the Church of Saint Cristopher (Iglesia de San Cristóbal). From here, you can take the road down to the village of Pintueles and see some good examples of typical Asturian houses and hórreos (traditional wooden granaries). From the church, the path continues and closes the loop by finishing back at El Caspio, where the Palace of Santo Domingo and its chapel stand out amongst the village houses and hórreos.